2PP052 – 28 March 2011

Arthur didn’t get around to editing this episode in a timely manner. No reason or valid excuse, he just didn’t. He apologises profusely.

After extensive Special Days, we talk about what we’ve been up to since our last podcast—including Arthur’s imposed “radio silence”. Jason, who has a cold, shares two stories. In fact, we spend most of the first half of the podcast just catching up.

When we get to politics and such, we begin with talking about the US military action in Libya. The US so often ends up backing despots in pursuit of its goals and objectives. Jason asks, what do you do? Arthur says that the US dependence of foreign oil dictates its foreign policy in support of despots. We both think the number one security issue facing the world is dependence on Middle Eastern oil. This leads to a discussion about some small ways forward.

The photo with this post was taken by Jason during his New York trip and shows Harvey Fierstein signing autographs.

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5 Responses to 2PP052 – 28 March 2011

  1. Brother Cinaedus says:

    I totally agree with your point that the way to get this country less dependent on energy matters is to decrease our per capita consumption while increasing the production for alternative sources. However, I am not certain that the crisis is as sever as we are led to believe. There recently been several reports that the energy companies have drilled only on a small percent of the leases they hold on Federal land. These are leases they have held for years, and are very slow on developing. The energy companies are not wasteful with their money, so they must feel there is a good chance they will get a return on this investment. They just are not in any hurry to increase production as it will drive the prices down.

    I also find it interesting (or predictable) that the Republicans recently were questioning the subsidies that were being given to alternative sources since the Jimmy Carter administration. It seems that the Republicans want to start to cut the money that is given to develop the alternatives. They seem to have missed the fact that Nuclear energy has been subsidized since the Truman administration, and the oil and coal even longer than that. Also to start limiting the energy options now, would only increase the possible problems later.

  2. Roger Green says:

    First, thanks for the plug of my Triangle Shirtwaste Fire post.
    I was surprised that you really didn’t mention nuclear in your discussion about energy. I happen to oppose it, even before the Japanese disaster, but prior to that, and even now in some circles, it’s deemed the salvation against our dependence on foreign oil.
    Brother Cineadus is right re the GOP complaints about subsidizing alt energy, possibly, as you suggested, because big oil and coal have lined their pockets. It’s the same argument about subsidizing Amtrak, as though they don’t aid the car culture.
    Finally, a correction: Michele Bachmann wasn’t in Maine when she screwed up her Lexington/Concord geography; she was in first-Presidential-primary-in-the-country New Hampshire, which, to be absurdly fair, does have a Concord. I think Arthur was remembering that Maine used to be part of Massachusetts before the Missouri Compromise of 1820.

  3. Jason says:

    “I think Arthur was remembering that Maine used to be part of Massachusetts before the Missouri Compromise of 1820.”

    Well Roger this is what happens when you get to be Arthur’s age. You relieve events of your youth. Nudge nudge wink wink.

    As to Brother Cinaedus point, I don’t think it is a bad as some people say either. I think the problem is we never seem to truly get started trying to solve the problem. When gas prices go up, everyone gets concerned. When prices go down, not so much. The best time to be working on becoming energy independent is in the not so much times. But again we seem to loose focus then. If we don’t really and truly do something, one of these days it will be as bad as people say it is and it will be way too late to do anything about it.

  4. Tim Corrimal says:

    What it comes down to with Libya is that they have the “Sweet Crude” oil that has the Sulfur mix in with the oil that the Oil Industry needs to make Gasoline. Saudi Arabia has some of it, but not enough to keep up with the production needs for gasoline for the world. So, Libya has that one little part of the puzzle that makes the whole world operate and keep businesses operating.

    Great show. I really enjoyed listening as always. You and Jason Rock!!!


  5. Roger Green says:

    And I’m losing it too. Misspelled shirtWAIST as shirtWASTE, maybe because, when I was a kid, I thought it referred to the leftover parts from making a shirt.

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