2PP059 – 19 July 2011

After Special Days, we have a NEW rightwing nutjob bulk mailing sent to Jason. That leads us to joke around about being bought and sold for mailing lists. Jason then talks a bit about the latest “Harry Potter” movie and his adventures in seeing it. This reminds Arthur of one of those urban legends/quote misattributions that surfaced when the film opened. This leads to a larger discussion of how judgemental people get about other people’s likes and dislikes of culture things.

Next we talk about the Murdoch scandals. How is it playing in New Zealand? Arthur has a personal connection. The phone hacking by Murdoch’s employees is both despicable and indefensible. Still, good things could from it.

For some reason, that leads on to Arthur talking about how liberals piss him off. It leads to a broader discussion of how political ideologues are like religious fundamentalists. Are principles more important than anything? Is achieving some progress worse than none at all?

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Links for this episode:
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More Crap from the Far Far Right – Jason’s blog post on the latest rightwing nutjob mailing he received
Edge of Glory – Arthur’s blog post he referred to when talking about people passing judgement on other people’s likes and dislikes.
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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