2PP075 – 24 September 2012

We begin by talking about baseball—yes, really. Jason is excited. That eventually leads to a discussion of the area around Washington, DC’s baseball park. It then becomes a discussion of urban development.

When we turn to politics, it starts with Romney’s idiotic remarks about the 47% of Americans he’s writing off. That leads to a larger discussion of taxes and what people get from government.

We conclude with The Bucket Story. It is an odd story. The odd mind-blanks, unedited, are mostly because of Skype issues (we couldn’t hear each other). Our memories are like steel traps…

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One Response to 2PP075 – 24 September 2012

  1. Roger Green says:

    Ironically, a lot of the 47% WILL vote for Mitt Romney – the working poor, and retirees, in particular. I’m not sure they realize Mitt’s talking about THEM. Talk about voting against your own self-interest…

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