2PP080 – 15 January 2013

We’re back! After a slow start (hey—we’ve been away awhile!), we get on to the politics: The debt ceiling, what every liberal should know (or not…). We also talk about “Gun Appreciation Day” and similar rightwing weirdness, the crackpot who said the Connecticut school shootings were a hoax, and the White House’s response to a petition that was out of this world. And more stuff.

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Links for this episode:
Ten truths all liberals should know
‘Gun Appreciation Day’ chairman: Slavery wouldn’t have happened if slaves were armed
Anderson Cooper Tackles ‘Sickening,’ ‘Ignorant’ Newtown Conspiracy Theories
This Isn’t the Petition Response You’re Looking For – The Whote House
The Galactic Empire Responds to the White House’s Response to the Death Star Petition
Christmas Card Surprise – Jason’s blog post on the “Blog Log” in the newspaper
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

The 1951 promotional photograph of actor of Shelley Winters, above, is in the public domain and available through Wikipedia.

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One Response to 2PP080 – 15 January 2013

  1. Tim Corrimal says:

    Jason was right. 900,000 people on the mall, 450,000 if which probably have the flu is a great reason to watch the Inauguration on TV from our condo about a mile up the street from the event .

    Great job on the show and keep em coming. I love listening to both of your thoughts on the political situation in the US.


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