2PP086 – 23 April 2013

There was a lot in the news this week, and we start with the Boston bombings. First, Jason asks how it was reported in New Zealand? We then move on to the generally poor newsmedia coverage.

From there it’s on to a happier topic: The enactment of marriage equality in New Zealand. This lets Arthur talk a bit about how the legislative process works in New Zealand, and how it differs from the US.

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Links for this episode:
Boston a Week Later – Jason’s blog post about the bombing
False Flags, Fake Blood, and Michelle Obama: A Guide to the Boston Marathon Conspiracies – “Danger Room”, wired.com
Reflections on the Recent Boston Crisis – Reddit’s General Manager looks back
Boston – a post on Jason’s blog with one of this favourite photos
My favourite moment – Arthur’s blog post with the video he mentioned
My favourite speech – Arthur’s blog post with the speech Jason mentioned
The New Zealand Parliament’s YouTube Channel is called InTheHouseNZ. To find the videos, look for “Marriage (Definition of Marriage) Amendment Bill – Third Reading – Part # (where # is 1 – 20).
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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One Response to 2PP086 – 23 April 2013

  1. Tim Corrimal says:

    Hey Arthur and Jason. Great show this week. I enjoyed your take on the media coverage of the Boston bomber situation as well as the rest of the show. I thought you would find it funny that I was listening on my iPhone speaker dock outside while I was painting my Mom’s deck in South Texas. I’m sure the conservative neighbors enjoyed the discussion just as much as I did .

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