2PP088 – 27 May 2013

FINALLY!! Arthur was busier than ever, but we also had technical problems that took him awhile to work out in editing. Good thing he finished, because he has another one to edit.

Anyway, this episode is a little unusual: Politics are just in the background as we talk about a bunch of stuff. We begin with an update on Jason’s billing saga, move on to special days, and then a more extended talk about the Internet problems Arthur has faced recently, which kept us from being able to record a new episode until this one.

That leads to talk about customer service and on to iTunes and then the cloud. That, in turn, leads to talk about Adobe’s Creative Cloud and open source alternatives.

Then we talk about movies. Really. Arthur even explains why he’s never seen “The Hobbit”. This actually touches on politics!

Everyone’s welcome to comment (agree or disagree!).

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One Response to 2PP088 – 27 May 2013

  1. Tim Corrimal says:

    On your latest sh0w, you said that you didn’t know what FIOS was. It’s Verizon’s offering for a fiber optic connection into your home to provide TV, Internet and Phone service as a bundled package. I have co-workers who have the service who live in the suburbs and they love it. But the problem that Jason and I have is that the DC City Government will not let them tear up the streets to install the fiber since the cabling has be installed underground under current law. They have to coordinate the installation of underground cabling with other street projects.

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