2PP092 – 5 September 2013

Arthur continues clearing the backlog of recorded episodes, this one from September. We’ve now recorded another episode already, and that’ll be posted soon (we’re trying a new, easier to edit set-up).

We began by talking about Linda Ronstadt. Jason got to see her live, but Arthur never did. We then add a few famous people born around the time we recorded. This bulk of this episode was about Syria (events settled down after we recorded). We were undecided about the then-pending Congressional resolution, and we talked about our uncertainty about what should be done. As we go on, we being to come to some sort of more solid opinion. What we talk about was played out again in the battle to prevent the GOP Shutdown, which began a few weeks after we recorded this episode.

We wind up talking a bit about International politics, first, the Australian elections, then we talk about the contest for the next Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party (who is also Leader of the Opposition).

Everyone’s welcome to leave a comment (agree or disagree!).

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