2PP093 – 3 October 2013

We begin today talking briefly about Linda Ronstadt at the 2013 National Book Festival (the clip above is from that). Then, on to a darker topic: The GOP Shutdown of the US Government. We’re annoyed.

Jason wonders how a junior US Senator from Texas became Speaker of the US House—because that’s what it looks like. The Republicans began their shutdown with no exit strategy, which was incredibly stupid. But are they crossing the line into treason? If they destroy the world economy, it would be worse than that.

We think that there has to be massive reform. Congressional Districts should be drawn by non-partisan commissions and politicians shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the process. Voters also have to stop voting to re-elect the same people who are causing all these problems. We also think the Republican Party needs to suffer a massive defeat in order to be able to rid itself of the teabagger lunatics. On the other hand, Democrats have been doing much better at standing up to Republicans than they’ve done up until now.

We end up with a rant from Arthur about a Washington Post piece that totally mucked up Australian history and displayed ignorance of The Commonwealth, parliamentary democracy—and pretty much everything else, to be honest.

Everyone’s welcome to leave a comment (agree or disagree!).

Links for this episode:
Linda Ronstadt at the 2013 National Book Festival – The blog post that Jason mentioned
The Nullification Party – the Andrew Sullivan piece Arthur mentioned
Australia had a government shutdown once. In the end, the queen fired everyone in Parliament. – The boneheaded piece from the Washington Post
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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2 Responses to 2PP093 – 3 October 2013

  1. RTCruiser says:

    Just catching up on your show.

    Just a note on the shutdown that you didn’t go into is just how stupid and damaging this is to the US tourist industry.

    If this had been going on while I was there on my Pride48 holiday this would have had a huge impact on what I did. No Joshua Tree National Park, Possibly no Grand Canyon (I’m not sure if it’s possible to stop people going there but there would have been no shuttle buses), No tour of Alcatraz and who know what else.

    Let’s just hope they can sort this me out soon. My sister is about to fly out on a holiday with her quilting group and her two days in Washington could be very boring.

    American’s still think they live in the greatest country on Earth and this always make me laugh because few people I know would ever want to live there

    Keep up the good work


  2. Coreplane says:

    Technically, Canada’s constitution was, until 1982, the BNA (British North America) Act, which was an act of the British parliament. When the constitution was repatriated by Pierre Trudeau in 1982 he had to visit the UK and get them to pass a bill to effect the transition. He (Trudeau) essentially wrote the new constitution, then had to negotiate with the provinces. He managed to get it passed by clever manoevres which left Quebec’s then premier, Rene Levesque, feeling tricked. The separatists, to this very day, don’t consider the constitution valid, although they are legally bound by it.

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