2PP008 – 05 June 2009

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgAs always, we begin with Jason’s special days, but today we have a VERY special day! From there, it’s a discussion of the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor. What do we think about the Supreme Court make-up? Arthur watched Faux News, and that relates to the president’s trip to the Mideast. Arthur corrects Faux News, which is easy to do. Arthur has a special adventure to share, one that relates to our previous episode.

After the discussion, we have comments on our previous episode. That raises topics we discuss. Join the discussion! Please leave a comment, or you can send an email to arthur[at)2political.com or jason{at]2political.com, or you can ring the US-based 2Political Comment line on 206-426-0527.

Back in 2 weeks!

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Hristo Botev Day
Hristo Botev Day
Tiananmen Square Massacre
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4 Responses to 2PP008 – 05 June 2009

  1. Roger Green says:

    Number of Muslims in America.
    Nation Master: US ranked 34th w 6 million
    Wikipedia: US ranked 52nd w 2.35 million
    If Nation Master’s number is correct, it’s rather significant. A larger number than Libya, Jordan, Israel, or Kuwait.

  2. admin says:

    The Faux News people were talking about numbers of Muslms in the US being between three million (which they said was from the Census) and six million, which wasn’t attributed to any source. I wonder if that’s where they got the number from. Anyway, thanks for supplying sources, Roger!

  3. Maupassant says:

    About the left becoming as fundamentalist as the right– yes they have been for a while, I’m sorry to note. The hard left seems now to be becoming anti-semitic too.

    Ironically I think there has been a switch, in that the left used to originate from christian/church groups (at least in Canada.) Their motivation was the old care-for-your-neighbour, community activism, rather than a set of extreme right talking points. In Canada, the left-leaning National Democratic Party originated as the CCF party, founded by a baptist minister named Tommy Douglas. Tommy Douglas is considered the father of medicare in Canada. Also ironically he’s the grandfather of Kiefer Sutherland, the right-wing’s pinup boy as ‘Jack Bauer’.

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