2PP108 – 01 July 2015

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgThis episode was recorded at the start of July, and the reasons that episodes 106 and 107 took so long to post were also true for this one. We talk a bit about those delays at the start of this episode.

Next up, we start talking about Supreme Court rulings (the first one is not the one you might expect, and not totally serious. The Leap Second is next, before we’re back to serious talk (this is how we’ve always talked). Our main discussion is about the Supreme Court decision on marriage equality and the irrational reaction of the radical right. Toward the end we talk about the Arizona case, and why it could in the long term lead to one of the USA’s most critically needed forms of electoral reform.

Everyone’s welcome to leave a comment (agree or disagree!).

Links for this episode:
“Hold on a second…” – Arthur’s post on his attempt to see the Leap Second (complete with a video he made right after this episode was recorded)
“New York City Trip June 2015” – a link to all Jason’s posts on his trip to NYC in June
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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