The Lost Episodes

2PP_Album_art 1400x1400When we recorded Episode 118, we thought something was off about the numbering. Then Arthur posted it and found out we were right: Two episodes were missing! What to do?

So, Arthur climbed the rickety ladder leading up to the attic space above the 2Political Podcast Studios and started looking around. He saw an old steamer trunk off toward the back, which was kind of odd, since he had no idea where it had come from or who put it there. Even so, he went over and had a look.

Behind the truck were some things that had apparently slid off the top. Behind a “Goldwater–Miller” campaign poster, and next to a snowglobe of a rosebud, he found a Zip Disk that said, “Process” on the label.

Intrigued, Arthur returned to the 2Political Podcast Studios, but they were far too modern for a Zip Disk. Arthur scrounged around in his personal archives (that is, boxes packed away…) and found his old Zip Drive. He located a SCSI to USB converter, then managed to find software to make his Mac see the drive (provided by a guy named Boris Badenov who promised the monthly payments will stop in only 20 years, something, something, moose and squirrel…), and voila! The Lost Episodes were found.

We’ve already posted episode 118, of course, so here are the lost episodes 116 and 117. Depending on your browser and settings, if you click on a link below, it should open-and play-in a new window. Or, you can right-click to download them to listen to later. Or, not.

But at least now there are no more Lost Episodes-this year…

2PP116 – 28 January 2016
2PP117 – 17 February 2016

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