2PP119 – 26 April 2016

2PP_Album_art 1400x1400This is a different sort of episode for us—not unusual, but not common: This is one of those “& other stuff” episodes we mention on our website and album art. This meant that Arthur didn’t rush to edit it, then he got sick. Sigh. Anyway, we’ve already recorded another episode, and will be posted soon.

We begin by talking about technical, um, challenges. We have had a few! This led to a discussion of some American things not available in New Zealand. We also talked about baseball—well, Jason did. And, we talk about spotting famous people—and that leads on to famous people dying, some people’s reaction to those deaths and the reactions of people to those reactions. And then we end up NOT talking about comments. The trials and tribulations took their toll!

A newer (already recorded) episode will be posted soon (meaning, as soon as Arthur finishes editing it…).

Everyone’s welcome to leave a comment (agree or disagree!).

Links for this episode:
Bryce Harper’s Instagram photo that we talked about
Arthur’s 2008 blog post on his brush with a famous person he talked about (second item)
“After Prince died” The blog post Arthur mentioned
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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One Response to 2PP119 – 26 April 2016

  1. I remembered right away that you were talking about John Ashcroft. But I had put him in Ohio.

    When one of my choir members, who is 70, mentioned Prince’s death, another member, about 87, growled, “Who cares?” Ticked me off.

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