2PP128 – 27 March 2020

2PP_Album_art 1400x1400This episode has a little bit of a rant. We’ve been provoked—as have we all, actually.

To begin, Arthur explains New Zealand’s lockdown, like what the rules are. So far, people are complying. Much annoyed discussion follows. We also talk about how we’re coping with all this. We even talk about modern TVs!

This is a replacement for an episode we recorded last week, but it was a bad week for me, so I couldn’t finish editing it and, well, it got too old.
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One Response to 2PP128 – 27 March 2020

  1. A “little bit of a rant”?
    In any case, warranted.
    And it’s as damn difficult to blog as to podcast. The disease numbers change, the idiot response changes.

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