2PP015 – 9 September 2009

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgWe begin today with a few housekeeping bits, then Jason offers to rebrand the Republican Party—a sort of truth in labelling, you could say. Special Days are next, then it’s on to the topics of the day—the state of the campaign for healthcare reform, the crazy people and the extent to which the mainstream newsmedia has made things worse. We also talk about liberals’ impatience with Obama. Will the Republicans be able to capitalise on all this in the next election? The truth is, no one knows or can know this far away. The September 11 anniversary is this Friday, so we talk a bit about where things are now. That brings us back to Republican distortions.

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Back in about ten days!

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Flax Scutching Festival, Stahlstown, PA, September 12-13.
Bluegrass and Chili Festival Claremore, OK, September 10-12.
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One Response to 2PP015 – 9 September 2009

  1. Roger Green says:

    Guys – people are impatient with Obama because they remember the example of GW Bush’s 6 years when Congress capitulated on their Constitutional responsibility to be a co-equal branch of government. Suddenly, with a Dem president and a Dem Congress, our federal legislature has found its cojones.

    Jason – I tend to agree with Arthur that the US is far more racist than the ‘post-racial’ social pleasantries suggests. ‘Post-racial’ – bah!

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