2PP016 – 15 September 2009

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgA few more housekeeping bits start us out today—including that we’re now recording roughly every ten days instead of two weeks. Then, after Jason’s Special Days, it’s on to today’s topic, healthcare. We begin with the president’s speech, then move on to the state of the debate. Along the way, Arthur delivers a small rant about healthcare, the debate and distractions; after that, you’ll understand where he’s coming from.

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California Prune Festival, Yuba City, CA, September 13.
Mexican Independence Day, September 16.
September is “Blue September” for prostate cancer awareness.
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5 Responses to 2PP016 – 15 September 2009

  1. Roger Green says:

    When I say racism is at the heart of the anti-Obama rhetoric, it’s not just the simplistic “I hate black people” stuff. This is classic class division.
    Loath as I am to go here, think of American slavery. You have a bunch of rich white guys who thrived under the system. But you also needed a whole bunch of less-than-wealthy white folks to buy into the notion that the system was to their advantage. (And it was – white privilege, blah, blah…)
    So what I’m reading now in some of the more fringe sites are terms like reparations. Somehow – don’t ask – this health care plan initiated by the black President is payback for slavery, and that “decent, white folks” are going to be left out in the cold by this socialist. (Why don’t those black folks get over slavery?) This, BTW, is why the undocumented/illegals are so very important; they are NOT “decent white folks”.
    Thus, this health care bill, which I believe will help these “decent white folks”, is being sold by the power brokers as disadvantageous to them. And I believe a lot of people – a lot more than I’d like to think – buy it. They believe the Glenn Becks, the Rush Limbaughs, because their racism primes them to believe the birther/socialist et al blather.
    They don’t have to shoot Barack Obama to render him totally ineffectual.

  2. epilonious says:

    Could we please, for a moment consider the following:

    1. Admitting that a lot of the Democrats, from 2000 to 2008, really just hated the Republicans… just really didn’t like them, thought everything they did was wrong, thought they were bringing about the downfall of society and said as much.

    2. Admitting that a lot of those same Democrats did uncouth and pissy things as a means of protesting things that were happening without their consent, approval, or understanding.

    3. Acknowledging that a large problem that Democrats faced was that all the tantrums of the extreme left were beign put on television and analyzed by pundits as “the actions of the Democratic Party” and subsequently applied to even the moderates.

    Now… lets all do this:

    1. Stop acting like every Republican who throws a fit is representative of all Republicans and use such tantrums as a talking points for how icky and out of touch Republicans are.

    2. Stop acting like Democrats never behaved that badly (they did). And stop trying to justify/qualify how Democrats bad behavior was warranted or less significant (it wasn’t)

    3. Start having Democrats invite the Republicans out for a few beers and get to the root of what is really getting into the Republican petticoats about sweeping Democratic reforms… politely ignoring the super-crazy conservatives that the more moderate Republicans are probably embarassed-by…

    Because then there can actually be some progress and things may end up better as a result. Otherwise it’s just a fight for the kickball.

  3. Maupassant says:

    I’ve heard it noted several times that nobody screams ‘Socialist!’ (like that’s so bad anyway) because people don’t need personal fire insurance to have their house fire put out.

    But of course if your neighbour’s house is burning down, there’s an increased likelyhood that yours will too. This differs completely from health care, where, if the homeless man who passes you on the street has the flu … oh, wait.

  4. Roger Green says:

    Epilonious – Can’t speak for “a lot of Democrats”. This Democrat never disliked Republicans as a party, didn’t think EVERYTHING they did was wrong, etc. I DID think the Iraq war was wrong (including the way it depended so much on contractors and the fact that it wasn’t in a budget); the USA PATRIOT Act was wrong; Gitmo was wrong. And I said so.
    I never suggested that Rep Joe Wilson was out of touch; in fact, I think he resonates with far more people than I would really like to think about.

    It’d be nice to take the moderate GOP out for beers. Heck, I’ll buy. Who are we talking about, though? In the Senate, MAYBE there are 3, and 2 are from Maine. The problem, and I think Arthur has mentioned this, is that there just aren’t that many in the Republican middle.

    I’m waiting for Arthur to wax poetic about the days of Everett Dirksen.

  5. Brother Cinaedus says:

    Selfishness has become the basic motivational factor in our social structure. It is the bases of our capitalistic system and is touted as what makes it so well. We are always seeking to export this system to other countries even when they have a system that is working for them.

    I bring this up, because it is the big issue standing in the way of meaningful health care reform. First people are afraid that they are going to be made to pay for others health care either by deficit spending or tax increases. “W” could finance two wars totally off budget, but now people are concerned about helping others have better lives over blowing things up.

    People are also afraid that as more people are able to get health care, they will not get the same service. They might have to wait for the service they are now getting; they do not want to have to wait for their care even when it is nether life threatening nor painful. Too many people would slow the whole process for them.

    There also appears to be a fair amount of racism in the discussions. I have heard people in several places worry that these services are all going to minorities. Also I really feel that the fear that illegal immigrants are going to be able to get free health care.

    Inclosing I feel that all this discussion shows that this country has lost its soul. Helping other add some quality to their lives is not considered a virtue, but is looked at weakness. When are we going to find that helping others as important as making sure we have more than we need.

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