2PP019 – 22 October 2009

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgNo Special Days today, because Jason talks about a holiday special instead. Then we talk about a topic today: Glass houses. We take three recent incidents of people completely missing the point of pushback against things they’ve done, instead attacking their critics: A Homophobic column by British columnist Jan Moir, Rush Limbaugh missing out on the chance to be a part-owner of the St. Louis Rams and the Mormons claiming they’re being treated the same as African Americans in the 1960s.

These topics allow us to elaborate on one of the background issues about these folks: They can’t see their own homophobia, racism or religious intolerance, nor the consequences of them. We even mention George H.W. Bush—in a different context.

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Jason’s blog post on the holiday special he mentioned
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
From Arthur’s blog: The columnist, her prejudice and consequences
Jason’s Blog
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One Response to 2PP019 – 22 October 2009

  1. Roger Green says:

    I think this came up in a live AmeriNZ podcast as well. I just don’t care how positive legislation gets enacted, as long as it gets enacted. Now, we’ve spent decades having less-than-desirable riders, usually member items, attached to necessary appropriations bills. When we get one for OUR side, it’s a cause for celebration. One can say, “Ooh, we should have been able to get a straight up or down vote” and that’s true in theory. But I’ve gotten too cynical to expect THAT to happen anymore.

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