2PP021 – 19 November 2009

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgAfter special days, we look at the Sarah Palin book. That leads on to a discussion of the rightwing, which leads to a discussion of the problems the Republican party faces from its own right wing. From there it’s the latest madness from the christianist extremists: The increasingly unhinged religious far right pose a major problem for the Republicans, who continue to refuse to disavow the extremist rhetoric.

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Garifuna Day Nov. 19 – Belize
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3 Responses to 2PP021 – 19 November 2009

  1. Roger Green says:

    Arthur – Randall Terry is the anti-abortion advocate you were trying to block remember.

  2. Roger Green says:

    Try #2:

    Arthur – Randall Terry is the anti-abortion advocate you were trying to block remember

  3. Brother Cinaedus says:

    I agree that Sarah Palin has very little chance with becoming Sarah has poor political sense. Getting her opinions out is more important that the cost it has or the results it may produce. With this trait she has developed some negative baggage that will be hard for her to over come.

    However, she is at the moment trying to “help the party”. Here she can motivate her base to fall behind a candidate. In marginal constituencies this could make for a Republican victory. It failed in New York, because she did not read the local party correctly, but in the south and parts of the mid-west, I think she could make a difference. Obvious she has the ability to cut into the Democratic margin in Congress and take credit for it. However, I don’t think is doing as much party building as Sarah building. We’ll see.

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