2PP025 – 12 February 2010

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgSnow no! We start out talking about the big story in Washington, SNOW! Jason lived through it all and shares some of what he saw (and there’s more on his blog). We last recorded only hours before the State of the Union Address, so we talk about the call for bipartisanship. Arthur doesn’t have any patience with Republicans today, based on their dishonest behaviour. We talk about one important reform: Ending the filibuster or, at least, going back to requiring someone to be on their feet 24/7.

From their, it’s on to the teabaggers’ gathering. Those people don’t even understand how the government works, so their criticism are nonsensical. That leads us into a discussion of two recent polls, and their implications for US politics—especially how Democrats have to take back the political initiative, as well as the reality of teabaggers’ support in the general population.

Comments let us talk a bit about the Republican response to the State of the Union Address as well as add some more on the recent reprehensible Supreme Court ruling that says corporations are entitled to spend as much as they want on election campaigns.

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4 Responses to 2PP025 – 12 February 2010

  1. Roger Green says:

    February Date/Snow in Inches (Albany, NY)
    1 0.2
    2 0.1
    3 0.9
    4 0
    5 0
    6 0
    7 0
    8 0
    9 0
    10 0.8
    11 0
    12 0
    13 0
    14 0.1
    15 0
    16 0.9

    It’s only 2 pm and the last figure might double or even quadruple, which would mean that we’ve had maybe a half foot of snow this half month. So, Jason , all I can say is, Sorry.

    Oh, and HA!

  2. Maupassant says:

    Global warming: I’m always amazed when people unthinkingly assume that adding more energy to an unimaginably vast, highly nonlinear dynamic system will produce a uniform, even change across the whole thing. Poor science education.

    Listening to you talk, I was amazed by the extremes of hypocrisy in American politics, and the degree to which even individuals act in direct contradiction to their long-held, oft-repeated beliefs. But this is the result of at least 6 decades of experience in PR/advertising based on Freud’s nephew Edward Bernays’ theories, combined with the manipulative techniques developed by the late, unlamented, Josef Goebels. The PR industry has become *so* good at selling feelings and subconscious imagery that people, even when they are capable of rational thought, are completely unaware of the disconnect between their thoughts and their own behaviour.

    Personally, I find myself getting more tolerant as I get older.

    It would be great to be able to sit down and chat with you two face-to-face. Oh well.

  3. Maupassant says:

    PS It’s probably worth pointing to Adam Curtis’ “Century of the Self”, and the ideas of Leo Strauss. I suspect our current PM (Harper) is a Straussian. His one great saving grace from my point of view is his clumsiness. You can see what he’s doing/trying to do. I just hope he doesn’t get a majority.

  4. Faethe - Rhonda Roberts says:

    Hi Arthur – this is Rhonda (Faethe) I have typed to you before about Tea Bagging issues  I was listening to your latest podcast and just wanted to let you know that there are many different strains of tea bagger (pun). This has become popularized in the media and across the internet as ‘nae true Teabagger’, which is a slam based on the ‘Scottish Fallacy’ that the only true Scottsman is one that behaves as such. There may be some of that, but not all.

    The movement seems to have been hijacked by people in mainstream politics. I don’t know why. This is where Jason and yourself are far better at explaining how things like this happen than I am. I know that my group: Tea Party 07 http://teaparty07.wordpress.com/ – does not support or even mention Sarah Palin. She’s not a fiscal conservative, and she is pro-war, which are the two things we do not support in candidates.

    We have a Peace Blimp http://www.peaceblimp.com/ that we are collecting money for. Most of the TeaBaggers I know are anti-war. And while it would be nice to have a third party, what we are now is really a voter’s caucus. We support people we like, Like Alan Grayson, who is a Democrat (Orlando).

    About the only thing that the Tea Parties have in common is that we all seem to feel that the government is not paying attention to the people. It’s not so much about paying taxes, as it is about what is being done with the taxes. Popular wisdom and mouthpiece idiots say this is all about not paying taxes. That’s not the case. It’s about paying taxes and having a representative government who listens to the people before it listens to money. That simple.

    The only possible comparison I can come up with is like what happened with the Black Panther party. That was a radical, anti-capitalist movement that was much maligned from within and without. While I can’t put myself or anyone I know in the same category as those heroic people who gave so much to community organizing, it’s the only comparison I have to make.

    Because we, like them, are against money and influence, I believe the TeaBaggers are fighting against those two things, and those things have given the whole grass roots thing a bad name. Yes, there are weirdoes and bigots and assholes who go out there and do wild shit after some bigger idiot riles them up. The majority of people are not them – they never are. The thing is the more this stuff gets perpetrated, the more dispirited people become, like you can’t win for losing. I think that is the point.

    There is a decidedly anti-GOP movement starting up in my group. I have no idea if that is wise or not because it seems to belay the point; finance reform. Like if the GOP pisses off everyone enough it will all fall to bickering and nothing will get done. Well, all you have to do is live here to see that things are fucking awful and not getting better. If you have no other motivation, that will do it for you.

    You have so much experience with activism and social issues. I would really like to hear you comment more about what is an effective strategy to help grass roots movements like this. I know you and Jason go by what you see in the media, but here on the ground I can tell you it’s not that way. Right now there is a tremendous amount of anger that the average person is having to live with here. It needs a focus and a direction, and no one thinks any of the weird shit coming out of these different groups that call themselves Teabaggers is effective or even the same as what the majority wants.

    It’s called the Tea movement or Teabaggers, Tea Party or whatever because in 2007 on the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party the Ron Paul supporters had the first grass roots ‘money bomb’ to help boost his candidacy for President. More money was collected on that one day than at any time before. I was one of the people that donated so I am partial to the Tea Party idea and not willing to give it up.

    People also confuse the ‘not paying for taxes, and services’ with ‘not paying for things you have no voice in’. Like would you want to pay out as much as we do in taxes to support a war you have no intention of supporting, or to bail out banks and private institutions with public money? THAT is where it comes from. It’s tough to get the message out because there is so much political horseshit floating around that any attempt at dialogue is like shouting in a septic tank.

    Anyway, I did my part :p That’s what there is to it. I’m happy to fill you in on any sort of updates you want from what’s going on here. April is when things will get wild again.


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