2PP031 – 17 June 2010

2pp_album_art_110x1101.jpgAfter special days, we talk first about the oil spill. What could be done differently? After that, we move on the antics of some teabaggers. Traitors? We present our case to say some are. Neither of us thinks much of the teabaggers.

We also talk about the Arkansas primary, and that leads into a discussion of the antics of the Left of the Democratic Party. Arthur talks a bit about GetEqual as an example of self-defeating behaviour. Neither of us is impressed with the self-righteousness of either end of the spectrum, but with Democrats it could prove disastrous for everything Democrats believe in.

Toward the end, we even consider at a match-up between Senators Durbin and Schumer for Democratic Leader in the US Senate.

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Washboard Music Festival – Logan, OH
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