2PP036 – 24 August 2010

This episode was delayed by a week due to Arthur having a very busy schedule. However, there will be a new episode in a few days!

Instead of Special Days, today Jason has a special event. Following that, Arthur has some housekeeping about the 2Political site. We begin talking about the Pew Research poll finding a shocking percentage of Americans think President Obama is Muslim (or don’t know). That leads to a discussion of Republican birther antics and what they’re really up to. That leads on to some talk about the “ground zero mosque”, which is not a mosque and not at ground zero. That, in turn, leads on to a discussion of the upcoming elections.

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Link for this episode:
Growing Number of Americans Say Obama is a Muslim
Lawmakers and the ‘birther’/Muslim myths
In break with Reid, Durbin backs mosque

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2 Responses to 2PP036 – 24 August 2010

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  2. Roger Green says:

    Jason – in fact, there are people who HAVE suggested slowing the end of the Bush tax cuts on the Sunday morning talk shows, in order to purportedly allow those richer folks to create “trickle down” wealth.

    The problem the Democrats have is true of lots of issues; once you slow it down, you’ll probably never have the political will, or possibly even the political power, to enact the full termination of the tax cuts. The ramification on the revenue side is massive.

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