2PP039 – 27 September 2010

Today’s is a special episode, a crossover with The Tim Corrimal Show. After Special Days, we’re joined by Tim Corrimal. We start out continuing the conversation we started on Tim’s show (link below). We talk about how we get past the current sharply divided political discourse, in particular how to advance more liberal and progressive ideas. From there it’s a wide-ranging discussion, and we had a lot of fun. After that, Jason and Arthur are back with comments.

One production note: Arthur had some sound issues: His left channel dropped out a few times. It’s part of a larger problem that Arthur’s working to fix.

Please leave a comment (anyone’s welcome—agree or disagree!), or you can ring the 2Political Comment line on 206-350-3982.

Link for this episode:
Red Flannel Festival – Cedar Springs, Michigan, USA
Episode 140 – A Cross Over Show with 2Political.com (this is the first part of the discussion)
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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One Response to 2PP039 – 27 September 2010

  1. Dave Faulkner says:

    Just finished listening to the show and enjoyed it. I enjoyed Tim and have heard him before on another podcast not to be named. I hate the partisanship in the US right now but let’s not pretend that Obama is a uniter. We are more divided than under W. It isn’t the Republicans that will clean house in Nov – it is 25% of the Democrats and the independents. I also agree on Harry Reid – could have done a lot more to reach across the isle. I will be relieved to put a stop on Obama and his agenda. Great podcast.

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