2PP042 – 28 October 2010

After our Special Day, when Arthur displays his arithmetic prowess, we begin with a columnist’s reaction to Jon Stewart’s rally before moving on to a few of the Teapublican candidates and then on to races were voter turnout by Democrats will really matter. That leads to talk about voters whose apathy may deliver Congress to the Republicans. Arthur is still filled with optimism because a small shift of voters could retain Congress for Democrats—he even sticks up for Blue Dog Democrats! Jason is less optimistic.

Next week we’ll take a look at the election results, especially some key races.

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Links for this episode:
Ohi Day – Today’s Special Day
Jon Stewart’s march is no laughing matter – Anne Applebaum
This is the world that Fox News has created” – Steve Benen of Washington Monthly comments (with video)
Voters: Use your head, not your heart —No one will hear or heed ballots cast in protest – Eric Zorn, Chicago Tribune
Vote As If Your Life Depends On It Because It Does… – David Mixner
Yes, I voted – Arthur’s blog post

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