2PP043 – 4 November 2010

This is our election wrap-up recorded the day after the elections. Arthur was swamped with work and couldn’t do the editing. Today we talk a little about some key races, but mostly we break out our crystal ball and look into the future for the next two years, talking a bit about what Democrats and the president need to do.

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Links for this episode:
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Compare and Contrast: How Democrats and Republicans React to Losses – firedoglake.com
Jason’s Blog
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2 Responses to 2PP043 – 4 November 2010

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  2. Roger Green says:

    Arthur – I think Jason is right about the 8% unemployment threshold. It has been a talking point for Republicans on the Sunday morning talk shows for months. Obama overpromised and underdelivered.

    And I don’t think that Sharron Angle wasn’t perceived as conservative, but rather as frickin’ nuts.

    I’ve said for years that the unfunded mandate that were the twin wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is the huge part of the budget process. How do you run two wars off the books?

    The Dems missed the point of the Jon Stewart rally, whining that those folks could have been making calls for the Dems that final weekend, which was not going to happen.

    And the notion that Obama was appealing to the left IS absurd. Google “obama continues Bush policies” on rendition, wiretaps, secrecy, etc.

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