2PP045 – 8 December 2010

This episode is un-edited, since Arthur is swamped with work. You’ve been warned! After Special Days, we talk about the Wikileaks circus. Neither of us really gets what the big deal is. The cables show that politicians are arrogant, duplicitous jerks—like we didn’t know that already? Were officials just embarrassed? Arthur thinks officials’ reactions are WAY over the top, all out of proportion to what’s really a non-existent threat. This is also being used as an excuse by the right to crack down on the free flow of information.

Then we talk about the tax cut deal. Arthur thinks that President Obama made some valid points in his criticism of the left—Jason has said some similar things—but the way Obama made those points was not helpful. Jason says it was a no-win situation for Democrats. Arthur thinks that liberals have every right to be pissed-off about the battle, but we appear to have lost. If so, Arthur says it’s time to move on and organise for the 2012 elections to elect more liberals and progressives. He thinks that they should be focusing their energies on voting reform because it’s critical to restoring citizen control of the country.

Comments let us talk about the presidential elections AND retirement funding—including something about international retirement funding! A couple more tangents extend this episode to longer than we expected. We’re going to try to fit in one more episode this year.

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