2PP047 – 7 January 2011

Please note: This episode was recorded the day before the tragic shootings in Arizona, but technical and other problems kept me from posting this in a timely manner. I decided to go ahead with posting it, anyway, rather than waiting untilt eh next regular episode.

We again begin today with special days, but that includes something unusual: Jason’s encounter with the far right. That leads to an update on the issue that led to Jason’s encounter.

Next up, the new Congress and Republicans’ stunt of reading the US Constitution, including the fact they dropped the parts that are inconvenient for them.

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Links for this episode:
Reaction to Metro Bag Search Post – the post on his blog that Jason mentioned
GOP Rep. Proposes Forcing House To Ignore Two Provisions Of The Constitution
House Republicans dial back on promises
Darrell Issa asks business: Tell me what to change
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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2 Responses to 2PP047 – 7 January 2011

  1. Roger Green says:

    January 6, generally, is Epiphany, but it’s also Three Kings Day in Puerto Rico. I associate the holiday with both the Eastern Orthodox church, but also with Latin America.

  2. Tim Corrimal says:

    Loved the latest episode, especially the discussion about what the GOP House has in store for us with Larry, Darryl and Darryl (an obvious throwback to the Newhart Show). But it pretty much sums up the point.

    I ride the Metro daily and have yet to see anyone have their bags searched. Political theater is accurate.

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