2PP048 – 19 January 2010

We begin today with a sad story, which leads us to a discussion related to the Arizona shootings, namely, what to do about people with mental illnesses that could lead them to violence. That leads on to a discussion of violent imagery and rhetoric. While we agree that extreme rhetoric is bad, we disagree about Alan Grayson’s rhetoric.

This leads to an interesting discussion that Arthur kicks off by asking, where’s the line? How far CAN you go in your rhetoric? When does criticism go too far? Jason offers one sort of limit. That leads eventually to a discussion of centrism and gun control. Whew, this is wide-ranging episode!

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Links for this episode:
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Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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One Response to 2PP048 – 19 January 2010

  1. Roger Green says:

    I thought folks bringing up the Sarah Palin PAC’s crosshairs graphic was totally appropriate. There were 20 people on that map. At least 15 of them were defeated or decided not to run. Gaby Giffords specifically complained about the graphic at the time. Thus, it was newsworthy.
    Not saying the graphic caused the shootings, but it is interesting that Sarah PAC took it down after the event.

    As to the homes for the mentally unstable, my recollection is more or less the same as Jason’s, that the conditions in these locations, such as Meadowbrook, caused their closure, at least in New York. Geraldo Rivera, back when he was actually a good journalist, helped exposed the squalid conditions. John Lennon did a benefit concert involving this issue.

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