2PP049 – 27 January 2011

Sam Then and NowArthur was delayed in editing this episode due to the Auckland Anniversary holiday weekend. It happens. We begin today with a story about “a procedure”. But the special day is that Jason’s cat Sam has been with Jason for 15 years! He’s pictured above, then and now. We then move on to the State of the Union message, starting with malpractice insurance, of all things. That leads on to a discussion of Republicans and Congress in general, especially the budget and cuts. We also talk about the two Republican responses to the State of the Union.

Update – February 12, 2011: Sadly, Sam the Cat lost his battle with cancer today.

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Links for this episode:
In the GOP’s budget, a surplus of spite – Eugene Robinson’s column in the Washington Post
Paul Ryan is not what you think – Matt Miller in Washington Post’s “Post Partisan” column
Paul Ryan’s State of the Union response – Katrina vanden Heuvel, Washington Post
Koch Brothers Feel the Heat In DC, as Broad Coalition Readies Creative Action to Quarantine the Billionaires Gathering in California Desert – Dan Hazen on AlterNet
Jason’s Blog
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