2PP056 – 30 May 2011

Today we start out talking a bit about what is one of today’s Special Days, US Memorial Day (another Special Day is June 5). Our discussion of Memorial Day leads to talking about the lack of support for military personnel. Are they merely political and commercial props? The lack of acknowledgement annoys Jason, and Arthur thinks it’s indicative of differences between the parties.

Jason wonders what the mentality that sacrifice is unnecessary would have meant in the past: What if the leaders of World War II wouldn’t sacrifice? Or the leaders of the Civil War? The founding fathers? That leads on to talk of our shared responsibility to pay our taxes to pay for the things that benefit us all, and our moral responsibility to look after those who cannot look after themselves. Jason then argues for a new, more sophisticated approach to policymaking, including having contingency plans for what happens if plans don’t work.

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  1. Roger Green says:

    The primary political problem with cutting the home ownership tax deduction – which I would not mind personally, BTW, even though it benefits me – is the fact, or at least the perception, that it would decimate the number of new home buyers at a time when the housing market is already soft.

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