2PP060 – 10 August 2011

We recorded this only the day before it’s being posted! We actually recorded last week, but Arthur was too swamped to edit it, so we dumped that episode and recorded a new one. To try and fix this problem, we’re going to try recording the second and fourth week of the month. It should be easier for Arthur to edit and post the episode in a timely manner.

After Special Days, and some of Jason’s Special Experiences, we talk about the aftermath of the debt crisis, especially the “tea party downgrade”. We speculate on why economics news and commentary is so bad. Do Republicans even understand anything about economics?

Finally, we talk about the latest entrant into the Republican Clown Car Cavalcade, Rick Perry. We don’t think much of him, and neither of us thinks he’s bright, sincere or genuine.

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Links for this episode:
Bud Billiken Parade
National Hobo Convention
Battle with the Toilet – from Jason’s blog
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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