2PP067 – 21 December 2011

After Special Days, we talk about Iowa and the Republican presidential nomination sweepstakes. It’s a wide-ranging discussion we have. We talk about Ron Paul, the end of the Iraq War, and so much more. We even get into a discussion of voting systems.

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Links for this episode:
All about Saint Thorlak
And about Junkanoo
PV has some merit – the blog post on PV aka “Instant Runoff Voting” that Arthur mentioned. It has explanatory videos.
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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2 Responses to 2PP067 – 21 December 2011

  1. Roger Green says:

    This is how the Oakland 2010 mayoral race, which used Instant Runoff Voting, was reported http://articles.sfgate.com/2010-11-11/news/24826082_1_ranked-choice-voting-second-and-third-choice-second-and-third-place-votes Go to fairvote.org for more IRV info.

    I must admit I was surprised how much effort Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and some of the House Republicans under Newt have exerted in opposing Gingrich; Coulter’s supporting Romney, FCOL.

    I must admit that was

  2. Brother Cinaedus says:

    Jason and Arthur,

    I have a topic (and maybe a question buried somewhere here) for your show:

    On the news today was a story about a group of Evangelical Christian leaders
    getting together to support a candidate for US President. They felt they
    needed to do so before it was too late, like last cycle when they failed to
    get behind Mike Huckabee. They did not seem to be thrilled with their
    choices. They had two Mormons, two Catholics and a woman in the group from
    which they were selecting. They choose to support Rick Santorum, a Catholic.

    How relevant do you feel these groups were and are? While there have been
    some judicial appointments that they liked, they have not been able to
    reverse a lot of what they thought were objectionable. Also some their major
    organizations are gone or hurting. They appear to be digging in where they
    can, and losing where they can’t.

    Just an idea for discussion.

    Brother Cinaedus

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