2PP073 – 21 August 2012

We recorded his episode five days before Arthur posted it. We take that as a positive trend. We start with some of our usual banter, including a Month Day. Then it’s on to “legitimate rape”. This is actually just part of where the Republican Party is these days. The chutzpah of the Romney/Ryan campaign astounds. In unrelated news, we talk about the passing of Phyllis Diller and that leads to a discussion of what legacy will be left for future generations. When people who lived through events die, our link to those times is lost—does it matter? Are there ways of preserving some of that connection? Finally, Jason went on a trip.

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The Awakening at National Harbor – Jason’s blog post on the photo with this episode
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One Response to 2PP073 – 21 August 2012

  1. Roger Green says:

    Having seen some of her testimony, part of Sandra Fluke’s point was less about birth control than the fact that there are a number of women who take contraceptives for other medical purposes. The need for employers to pry into that, or to ban paying for birth control altogether, is not merely inconvenient or inequitable, but sometimes life-threatening. It was never just about the government/employers “paying for women to have sex,” though they usually DID pay for Viagra.

    Young women, blacks, gays and others often fail to recognize the efforts their forebearers endured. I’m reminded by the daughter of a friend of mine who, going to college, did not understand why her mother would give her Our Bodies, Ourselves. To be fair, by the time she graduated, she well understood.

    If you want to see a film by an actor who was underrated: Andy Griffith in A Face in the Crowd.

    Phyllis Diller did carry a cigarette holder, but I’m almost positive that it was just a prop, and that she didn’t smoke.

    I hate peeps! They are not “cute”, plus they taste like paste.

    There were some other points, but I have forgotten them!

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