2PP085 – 08 April 2013

We begin today with a “special month” and “special days”, which gave us a chance to reminisce. Politics comes along, of course, and we start and talking about Republicans as it relates to marriage equality. We end up discussing the Supreme Court cases a little more. From there, the budget—what a mess. Is the fight over social security cuts part of a larger strategy? Ultimately, this leads us to a discussion of religion in politics, of all things.

Near the end, we have a more general discussion about how the Internet has changed political interactions. Not only are things faster, people don’t check things but express their outrage, anyway. We even talk about things from Arthur’s activist past.

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Links for this episode:
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REPORT: Partisanship And Diversity On The Sunday Shows In 9 Charts– Media Matters for America
Christianity As State Religion Supported By One-Third Of Americans, Poll Finds – Huffington Post
Religion isn’t the enemy – Arthur’s blog post
Jason’s Blog
Arthur’s blog, podcasts and videos can be accessed here.

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